Specialty Sands

Specialist sands and sand blends - we have a range of speciality sands for playground areas and sands for Golf Courses. If you require a special blend please contact us.

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Construction Sands

Dunloe Sands can supply a wide range of sands and blended sands for your project on time, every time. Sands for bricklaying, mortar, rendering, back filling and bedding sands are what we do.

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If you require top soils or top dressing to finish off around your new home or maybe it is time to renovate the sporting fields. Dunloe Sands will have the right blend to give you results.

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Dunloe Sands, Construction and Specialty Sands and Top Soil


Turf and Top Dressing Sands

We have been working with Green Keepers and Groundsmen to achieve excellent results with growing and maintaining lawns and public gardens. If you are in the business of green grass then contact us.

A good base is the way to start growing great lawns and a good top dressing soil is the way to make sure that your lawns stay healthy by being able to access all thge nutrients that a good soil contains.
For excellent growth performance it is wise to select from one of our organically enhanced turf sands. Made from a blend of organics, they give the turf an early and ongoing boost. Dunloe Sands have the top dressing soils and top soils to give you a great start and a lasting result.

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Construction Sands

Dunloe Sands produce various types of construction sands including medium sands and fine bedding sands for laying under concrete slabs or filling in trenches and around pipes. Fine sands ideal for rendering and other fine construction works are our specialty for the construction industry.

Specialised sands with high conductivity to drain water away from areas like run off pits are also a speciality. These sands match in with Environmental requirements from many councils and are often specified in environmentally friendly runoff zones for new developments.

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Australian Standard Playground Sand

Dunloe Sands supplies sand that is specified by the Australian Standards (AS4422:1996), this sand is ideal for playgrounds and sand pits as it provides a cushioning effect to help break impact. More details are available here


Committed to Our Customers

There are many benefits to dealing with a local business, we understand the importance of quality customer service and prompt delivery of your products. The team at Dunloe Sands will work to provide you with product specifications, product information and pricing in a timely manner. Feel free to contact us for a no obligation free quote or to enquire about our range of products.

Additional information regarding our range of products and the environmental work being undertaken by Dunloe Sands is available here for download (1.43mb)